Every business needs hosting right? There are a couple of ways to use the AWS Activate program to get cheap credits.

First of all, if you’re a solo founder or a bootstrapped you’re eligible for $1000 in free credits via the all new AWS Activate founders package announced in February 2020.

AWS launches Activate Founders package, offering up to $1,000 in credits to select bootstrapped startups


Secret ($49/year)
Being a member of Secret give you a lot of deals, including the AWS deal to get $5000 credits!

More info: joinsecret.com/offers/aws-activate-coupon-900

Yena.com (£ 90 Annually)
Being a member of Yena.com give you a lot of benefits, including the AWS deal to get $5000 credits! – Annual subscription only 🙁

More info: joinyena.com/aws

Startup School (free!)
You can join YC’s startup school, pay nothing, post your updates for 4 weeks in a row and you have access to great knowledge and the deals, including $5k in AWS credits.

More info: startupschool.org