TLDR: Make/use existing gmail account, setup a forwarder somehow for your custom domain, send email via the gmail smtp.


1. Make a gmail account.

Just make a new gmail account or use your current one. Don’t use your custom domain here.

If you want a new account for your domain you can sign up for a new Gmail account at:

2. Setup forwarder

If you use Namecheap or any domain registrar where you can add a forwarder to your domain, you can use this. Or you can use my favorite: to setup email forwarding.

NOTE: Don’t forget to set your MX DNS records!

3. Add 2 factor auth + make App password and setup Gmail so that you can use SMTP oh and don’t forget the SPF

Go to your Google account security settings and enable 2-Step verification.

Next make a new app password.

App passwords screen

Once you have your app password. Add a Send mail as email address in the Accounts and Import tab in Gmail [click here for the lazy]

Accounts page in settings

Use the mailserver with port 465 – You sign in with your Gmail address and the newly created app password.

Don’t forget to set the SPF record for email deliverability 🙂

v=spf1 ~all